Burman/AJS/Matchless/Panther/Ariel/Cotton Gearchange Rubber

Article number
GUM316. CO-82-2. G-48-1. GC5. G80. VG80. 3508-52.
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€ 2,92

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Burman/AJS/Matchless/Panther/Ariel/Cotton Gearchange Rubber

Rubber Pad f. gear Foot Lever
closed end

Made in England

Spring Frame Models Matchless
350 G3LS
350 G3LCT
350 G3LCS

1955 AJS

350 Model 16M, 16MS Rigid Frame/Spring Frame Touring

350 Model 16MC, 16MCS Rigid/Spring Frame Competition

500 Model.18, 18S Rigid/Spring  Frame Touring

500 Model. 18C, 18CS Rigid/Spring Frame Competition

500 G80s
500 G80CS

L: 56 mm
OD: 27 mm
ID 12 mm