BSA Front Brake Cable Spitfire/Hornet/Twist Grip/Thunderbolt/Wasp/Royal Star/Twin

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2/525. 68-8660
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€ 17,50

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BSA Front Brake Cable

BSA Vorderes Bremsseil
BSA 650 A.65S Spitfire 2 1965-66
BSA 650 A.65H Hornet 1965-66
BSA 650 Dual Twist Grip 1964-67
BSA 650 A65T Thunderbolt 1965-67/1968
BSA 500 A50W Wasp 1966-67
BSA 500 A50R Royal Star 1968-on
BSA 500 A50R Royal Star 1965-67
BSA - 500 TWIN A7 A50R 1968 For High Lift H'Bars

Standard Levers, Open Shackle

Inner: 98cm
Outer: 78cm