Ajs. Matchless. Norton. Woodruffkey No3. for Crankshaft/ Camshaft/Dynamo Drive Sprocket

AJS,Matchless,BSA,Norton,Brough Superior,Triumph,Sturmey Archer
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00-0572. 000572. STD572. 06-5675. 065675. 00.0572. 01-8429. 01829. E3683.
A2/59. A3/101. A11/749.
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€ 2,08

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Woodruff key No3. for Crankshaft and Camshaft No3. Ajs. Matchless
Norton Crankshaft T/S 850 MK3

Dynamo Drive Sprocket

L: 12,2mm

H: 5,1mm

T: 3,2mm