BSA Brake shoes 7" / Pair

Article number
bsh31) 65-5901. 37-2327. W2327. 65-5940. 68-5516
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€ 22,92

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Price per pair, fits most BSA from 1946-1961

BSA A65  1970
some B25, B40 and B44 front Half Width Hub
Bsa A7, front and rear Half Width Hub
A10, Only Rear Half Width Hub
B31, Only Front Half Width Hub
B32, front and rear 7"
B33, onyl rear half width hub
B34, Gold Star, M20,M21,
M33,A65L only rear half width hub
BSA B44 Victor, Goldstar 1950-1963, A10 1954-1956, A65 1965-1970, B25-TR25 1967-1970
A7. A10 rear Full width hub 1957-66
replaces the following numbers:

Please note, these does not replace all mod.

Measurements need to be checked first. 7"

Please look at all pictures