Brough Superior. Norton. Bush Sleeve Gear

Brough Superior/Norton/Sturmey Archer
Article number
04-0062. BS-0202. 040062. 3896. A2/327. E12/327.
Price excl. VAT
€ 4,96

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Bush Sleeve Gear Norton.
Please note, you need 2 per motorcycle.
Some experts are actually fitting 3.
OD: 23.15 mm
ID: 20.6 mm
L: 22.2 mm
Norton. 16H. Big4. M18. M19R. M19S. ES2. Domminator. P11. N15. G15. Commando.
Brough Superior. SS80. SS100.

AMC. AJS. Matchless. 1956-1969 350cc,500cc. 600cc. 650cc.